A few days ago, touring sett on the railroad, I set my walkman to an oldies facility. Soon a composition from the decennary called "Travelin Light" came on the air. It was a pleasing tune and I enjoyed listening to it. It was in the region of a girlish man active to collect his privileged and he is justifiably outstandingly happy and is touring light, minus any baggage, not even a "comb or a brush." Now I must divulge that I had a to some extent cynical thought; viz. that if he has been itinerant for both time, lacking a toothbrush, he won't be competent to get very impending to the woman he loves. However, I in a bit brushed distant this undeserving of consideration and started reflective that the chant had a lot of worth for our lives. I asked myself "In our visit done life, are we itinerant 'light' or are we moving 'heavy'? I came to the close that we are regularly weighed downhill near too much gear.

What types of bags weighs us down? There are 3 distance we can be full. We can be overloaded materially, emotionally or emotionally. Materially speaking, we are breathing in one of the more modern countries of the world; further this bucolic has been going finished an monetary noise. Now I cognize that the IRS and the State Govt tax us heavily in a heartfelt energy to ensure that we do not turn comfortable and buy too plentiful worldly property. But in nastiness of their best pains we have too various scrap goods. When this happens, we have to endlessly rob keeping of them and uphold them. In such a case- do we own these objects or do these objects own us? Are we the mortal or the possessee? Is it not an soul to want bliss in the relation of more and much objects?

Secondly, and worse-are we not mentally overloaded? From primeval antemeridian to after-hours at night, we are bombarded next to radio, television, newspapers, mobile calls, telemarketing, cell phones and now, the computer network. This is a ceaseless centripetal and psychological volley. Even but our minds have unbeatable filtering and display capabilities, it is genuinely unforeseen that utmost of us have not yet finished up in the noetic shelter. Can we carry our saneness or have any sensory faculty towards our fella men, or even our domestic members if we are ever pre-occupied near all sorts of thoughts?

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Thirdly, and bottom of all, we may be showing emotion overloaded. We may be carrying the suitcases of early happenings; our resentments, frustrations and disappointments from the historical. This is worse than a drunken hangover, which lasts merely a few work time. An thrilling hangover lasts for an complete period of time and can tarnish one's total passage through energy. When I was in the order of 10 geezerhood old, don't ask me which twelvemonth that was, I was on an sashay with my relative close by a coast and we were close posterior to our habitation. After a pithy distance I started getting wobbly and I considered necessary to die away. My relative who wanted to get domicile in a be quick was egging me on and last of all he stopped and asked me what I was carrying in my bag. It was a posy of rocks that I had collected. He displace me to throw out them; at firstborn I was unhappy at losing my collection, but in a while I was thought more than ignitor and was conformity step near him. In the selfsame way we all be to get stormy suitcases with us. There are recurrently occasions when we have a correct to be angry, unsuccessful or pitiful and similar to upright citizens, we elbow grease our sweeping suitable to be unhappy, sometimes for time of life on end.

How do we get rid of this gear and peroxide this bushel ? First of all, in connection with the substance goods, this is effortless. Once or doubly a year, mayhap when we transfer the time, simply do a habitat cleaning. Throw out or snap to compassion anything that has not been in use for the ending 6 months. Not lone will you have more outer space in the house, you will be able to insight the belongings you really need, and you will get a tax assumption too.

Regarding the psychogenic garbage, this too is unsophisticated. When we get overladen near too more sustenance we sometimes watch a sustenance brisk. Similarly ,once a week, regard a report fast, have a prompt for the intelligence by not desirous any word for one day. Listen to auditory communication or even read a pious photograph album but wait away from rackety video shows, news or the serious newspaper. Nowadays someone has started delivering numerous acquit treatise to my habitation. Fortunately, they establish it in the driveway, so it is effortless for me to go completed this broadsheet in two seconds; sometimes I go over and done with it twice, onetime in forward cogwheel and once in backward. Then I chuck it in the refuse.

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Last, and the most difficult, is getting rid of moving suitcases. The head does not poverty to distribute up its thrilling bags. Many of our resentments are fit and we have both justified to be flustered. But should we athletics this right? We have several rights which we do not effort. For instance we have the correct to impairment a wool overgarment and holder outside in the July sun, but we select not to exert this right, because we cognize it is anserine and hurtful to our strength. Similarly, we should precede our authority to be disquieted and sorrowful and as an alternative have the letter-perfect to be jovial and flimsy. How to reach this land of noesis is outside the orbit of this pithy speech, but it is stern to our good one.

Now having born all this luggage, I would put forward that you do fetch other form of luggage; that is to transferral suitcases fraught of hope, expectation and happiness. This category of case is terribly wispy , the much you carry, the igniter you discern. So..... pass these and oh yes- don't forget your brush. With these words, I wishing you all "Bon Voyage" on your trek finished go.

Rohit Khera

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